Orioness Red

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The cover to “Orioness Red”: A peculiar potted plant with a cartoonish head growing out of it, surrounde d by flowers and being attacked by mathematics.

In Orioness Red, we explore the universe of Dorie; her joys and agonies when navigating the modern world. Plunge into a one-of-a-kind musical experience, full of poppy punk music, slow piano instrumentals and heavy, inordinate synth usage as we tell you all about the world of Orioness Red.


[Instrumentals] [Demos]

  1. Amy, You're a Robot
  2. Let Go of the Cold
  3. Grow Up!
  4. Ruby Gloom
  5. (Do As I Say)
  6. March of Dorie
  7. Ideal
  8. (Stop Yelling)
  9. Redness
  10. Generation XYZ
  11. Bedroom Pop
  12. Submarine Hotel Home
  13. Stampy's Lovely World
  14. Abuse Recovery Club