Wreck of the Zanzibar

L y r i c s

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August, summer that would never end
in that moment we'd be friends forever
think of all the time that we could spend
doing all the things we love together

warming up to an extravagant
all extents were just thrown out thanks to my
conscience yelling at me to hit send
it's undeniable, we grew up side by (side)

Countless times that I am yet to miss
hours that I'd die to live as decades (live forever)
blossoming, escaping the abyss
light beyond the blackest hole, what have I found

far away, and it isn't over yet
mild astray, over yet

We had made to semptember by the time
I realized I hadn't lost my mind, it's
everything we've done and everything we'll do
it's mesmerizing that it won't be over soon.

Twinleaf Town

Locked in palace walls, empty echoed halls
Longer I can't bare, take me anywhere

Austin Texas it will just have to be
there where I can see things from my wildest dreams

Yes I'm getting fat, no I just can't wean
Yes that's how I sound, no that's not what I mean
Live life in reverse, every day's a curse
it's a theater that I'm not fit to play, but

Then I saw you, glittering wonder
piano cues played and memories made
It's such shame, this glittering wonder's
stuck in such a town

I can't take no more questions at my door
money's tight, I'm done days of work means none

Austin Texas was never meant to be
birds and high rise flats, it's all that there's to see

Yes I'm getting fat, yes I'm gonna lean
yes that's how I sound, yes that's just what I mean
life's just getting sore, I can't take no more
there's a final straw and I think I broke it

When I saw you, glittering wonder
piano cues played and memories made
It's such shame, this glittering wonder's
stuck in Twinleaf Town

Six whole months it's been, of destroying sin
I can gladly say, things have truly changed

Austin Texas looks just like paradise
since I've started to stare through radiant eyes

I'm no longer fat, there's no need to wean
I like how I sound, what I truly mean
is that spirits low never rise as fast
all it takes is time and a miracle like

When I saw you, glittering wonder
piano cues played and memories made
I've come to see, this glittering wonder's
just for Twinleaf Town

How to Build a Nuclear Reactor

I read it in a book
a million dreams contained right in my hands
that's all it takes, that's all I make
whithin the

walls of my abode
it's just a few more smoke detectors
soon, we'll be okay, and we'll live forever

far away from home, where I should be
but I'm still here, I'm forced and
Having to lie, just so that I
could know better

So here I am again
tryna build a nuclear reactor
maybe it's hopeless

Take me far away, from this disarray
we'll mail-in-order isotopes
and pray we'll get to crtical

as far as we may know
everything's for show
maybe I could bring some light to
this dark world we seem to live in

When did everything go so wrong
maybe I'll go back, yeah

Charlotte's Web

She's a web-crawling spider, who lives in a cardboard box
a new computer with a door and a million locks

sweet mosquitos that get caught in her widest nets
this bug collector that's left debtless, with empty threats

You'll never see, pristine, her sun-dyed monochrome dress
her brain is atorphy and so are her last regrets

So now it's simple thoughts and phrases, and so few words
repeat ad nauseum the things that you'll never

Charlotte's web
That she knowns closely, now, what would aaron think?
"so..." she wept, 'cause it only matters
when it shatters

Why would it kill you to wear something bright for once
lest the sun reject your essence, in brilliance

And so the brightest lights came far from the land you laid
there's no more floppy disks to save you, now I'm afraid

So late at night she'll lock it up and, they'll never know
right in her eardrum heart, it sounds real on radio

I miss my brain I miss my melody, was sweet and sound
I miss the time before this radioactive meltdown

Charlotte's web
That she knowns closely, now, what would aaron think?
"so..." she wept, 'cause it only mattered
when it shattered


Take a look out my window to the underworld,
left abandoned, and to its own device.
in a flash, that was faster than the speed of light,
with millions of answers that all lead home.

Cry her to sleep, stare falsity,
Cold bedroom floors will change you,

draw what you can't see, don't let it be,
Staring forever through glass walls.

looking through the window and a net of lies
peeking through the seems of my reality
if it wasn't for all the light I'm letting through here
what kind of man would I've ever been?

Lay here to rest, don't know what's left
I've seen it all and more man I'm
wondering why, the clouds in the sky
never stoop down to say hello

(No, no, no no no,
no, no, NOOO, no,
no, no, no no NO no
no, no, no, no.)

Stared through the window for eternity,
seen a million different people come and go!
It'd be natural that I would've been left faceless
Had I not chosen to stare, alone!!!!!

Anthem of Moscow

.em ekil tsuj nemoW)
,teg sgniht "doog" woh tuoba rettam t'nseod tI
,noitalosi laicos etelpmoc fo sraey eht yawa ekat reven lliw ti
(.decaf ev'I taht noitargined dna noitcejer

.dneirf a morf neve ton enitnelav a gniveicer reveN .enola tneps yadhtrib yrevE)
,moor krad a ni flesym yb gnittis ,enola sraeY weN hcae otni gnioG
(.tsal eht sa suodnerroh sa gnieb raey wen taht dna

,ylgu dellac eb em ekil kool taht nemow gniees ,ylgu dellac gnieb yltnatsnoC)
-ma I deulaved woh gniwonk ,secaf ralimis ,em sa ydob emas eht evah taht
(.od I taht yaw eht gnikool rof gnitsugsid m'I kniht elpoep taht gniwonk

.yawa taht ekat reve lliw gnihtoN)
.em ot dehcatta eb syawla lliw secneirepxe dna sgnileef ,seiromem esohT
(.em fo trap a yltnenamrep s'tI .ti morf yawa teg reven lliw I

Out in the blistering cold,
Something that science had never foretold,
that there'd be dinosaurs prancing out there
in the snow

(.sselepoh ylurt smees ti ,noitautis ym ta kool I yaw revehcihW)

I had seem them before,
back in America, that I was sure,
but now I'm in Moscow, watching these giants,
and you know I can't stand giants.

(.em fo trap a gnieb taht fo lla htiw yppah gnieb fo elbapacni m'I dnA)

You understand well,
so let me stand by, the gates of hell,
are locked from inside Keep fading your hair that way
and it might just fade away

(.hguone eb reve lliw gnihtoN .efil siht ni em yfsitas reve lliw gnihtoN)

I may never take pleasure, in the death of the wicked
But I can't take pressure, for those that forgive it,
I know they want me dead
and cladded in black and red

.yawyna liaf ot dnuob era hcihw ,pihsnoitaler ro pihsdneirf fo dnik yna toN)
.deen I lla s'tahT .ytterp eb ot deen tsuj I
.ekil si efil tahw wonk I ,ekil era elpoep tahw wonk I .ti teg I ;dnatsrednu I
.ytterp eb ot deen tsuj I
,ylgu dellac eb em ekil kool taht nemow gniees
,secaf ralimis ,em sa ydob emas eht evah taht
(-ma I taht yldab

I know it's not over yet!